Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Camp Host Life

Today is one of my days off (Tuesday and Wednesday). I still got up at 6 and walked and fed Scruffy. But I really enjoyed my cup of coffee and staring out of my window listening to the river rushing over the rocks and observing the many birds that came to visit. Today we also had a turkey stroll through. We continue to see deer in our campground morning and evening and I see a fox every time we take the route around the north side of the lake.

My first week was medium busy – I have 14 sites and 2 pit toilets in my campground (St Charles) and I am also responsible for keeping the two group campgrounds and their 4 toilets clean and also the toilet and picnic area at the Cisneros trailhead clean. Unfortunately (for the campers) it was a rough weather weekend. Although I don’t have a radio, the folks with reservations must have listened to the weather guess because all but one cancelled. Which left me with leisurely workdays.

I got up, did the dog walk thing. Picked up a walkie talkie and morning report at 9, and then cleaned the bathrooms at St Charles and Cisneros by 10.  Had breakfast and then went out and cleaned the sites the campers had vacated. I had the early afternoon to relax and then during the early evening, visited campers, collected money and sold firewood to the people who arrived as “walk-ins”.

For the last few weeks we have had lots of rain by day and freezes at night. Then this week it turned to summer. It has been in the 70’s during the day and around 50 at night. I don’t even need my long underwear at 5pm. <g>

That’s about it for a day in the life of a host. More next week with pictures.

P.S. Scruffy is a very good host – he gives big tail wags and body wiggles to all the people we meet.

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