Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A day off?

 We were blessed with sun this week. Which meant we had a lot of campers and I was very busy.  It also meant that flowers bloomed and the Aspen leafed. 

Dandelions - our first flowers
Cisneros trail

Today being a day off for me meant extra time in bed listening to the birds and a leisurely cup of coffee, followed by a hike. Then I headed off to run errands.

Popped a Garth Brooks CD into the player and headed down the mountain, with my windows open and a smile on my face. Last week I got a mailbox in Rye CO and signed up for Netflix. My first stop today was in Rye and I’ll be watching “The Grand Budapest Hotel” tonight. My next stop was in Colorado City to get a library card and pick out some books. I am excited to be able to get books that I have wanted to read but was unable to obtain as ebooks from Santa Fe Public library. I’m now eagerly awaiting the arrival of “God’s Hotel.”

My next stop was Walmart ( no boos), in Pueblo Co. to use their Moneygram service to send money to a friend in Nepal. He took good care of me when I broke my fibia in Humla in 2013.

After a lunch break, I am now in a library in Pueblo, CO. I have just added what I think is the button to allow folks to be notified by email when I post to this blog.

After I post and test it, I will find a shady place to make some phone calls and then buy groceries, pick up propane and head back to camp. Where, thankfully, it will be way cooler than here in Pueblo.

My front yard

I’ve included some photos of my campsite. A really sweet place. If you are nearby – please stop by.
My back yard

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  1. Looks like a sweet spot! Good to have both sun and shade. Toss the 'wee lad' a toy for me.