Sunday, May 17, 2015

Rowe, NM

We’ve been hanging out in Rowe, NM. It is about 40 mins north of Santa Fe on Rte. 25. I did a few pet sits here and like to come back and visit my friends when I am in town. This time we introduced Scruffy into the mix – Marianne and her partner have 2 dogs, 3 feral cats now in the house, and 4 chickens (no not in the house).

Scruffy has been running with the dogs – since their 10 acres are fenced he can zoom around til he drops.  I have been helping out weeding the vegetable garden, and this week tending to the “pets” while Marianne is away.  Also venturing to Santa Fe, to see friends and shop for some things I need for my new adventure which starts on Tuesday when Scruffy and I arrive at Bear Lake in Colorado.

More about that next time.

Scruffy mentioned that he would like to see more of himself in my blog so today he is the star. 

 Scruffy gardening

Scruffy in new bed

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